Thank You for the #CrowdsourcingBook Tour Memories

I have so many people to thank for making my #CrowdsourcingBook Tour memorable – and possible. I don’t know where to begin.

illustration by my 5-year-old daughter

I thought I’d try to list everyone who I wanted to thank here on this blog, give public kudos to those people who did big things, small things and in between things to really make my two weeks on the road spectacular. So here goes…

Wine Sisterhood including Mary Ann Vangrin, Natalie Wassum and Terry Wheatley for support ranging from monetary to purchasing copies of my books to be handed out as gifts at events to providing wine for some of the book parties and hospitality in Napa.

uTest for monetary support and swag – great pens and cute little blue squeeze balls.

Aparna Vashsisht for dinner and letting me crash at her pad even as she was getting ready for a big trip.

The Daily Crowdsource and David Bratvold for helping co-host my San Diego book party and get the word out about my book.

Anita Cohen-Williams at MySearchGuru for co-hosting my San Diego book party, securing a cool venue, and receiving a ton of boxes of materials for my book tour. Thank you!

Eddie at VisionPulse for not just a cool venue in San Diego but for loading up the karaoke.

Lindsay Maines for letting me be a part of her first Women Create Media event and give away copies of my book at the last minute.

Danielle Smith, co-author of my next book – Mom, Incorporated – for being such an amazing person to work with and for helping me figure out how to fix a video snafu.

Scott Monty for the Ford Flex to drive from San Diego to LA.

Marla Schulman for her hospitality and help during my LA stay and helping with the LA event. And for the road trip!

Natalie Petouhoff and Social Media Club LA for hosting my LA party event. And thanks to the Microsoft Store Century City for a nifty location.

Lukas Biewald, Mollie Allick, Annie Leroux and the crew at CrowdFlower for the incredible space for a party and all the support leading up to the San Francisco event.

My good friends Elizabeth and Jon for letting me stay at their zen apartment while in the Bay Area.

The guys at VinTank including Paul Mabray, Clay Wallin and Evan Cover for hosting the swanky Napa book party.

My team including Sophie Shafter, Jenna Farelyn, Chelsea Duran, Angeles, Leslie, et. al. who worked behind the scenes to help this whole thing happen.

I know I’m forgetting a ton of people so please call me out on it, but also know, I do thank you from the bottom of my heart. I could not have done any of this without you.

This will be a living and breathing list as I continue to remember people and add to it…

Who do you have to thank today? Have you done it yet?